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The Masters and Advanced Training HelpDesk deals with administrative and Student Services procedures for those who are enrolled or participate as auditors in 1st or 2nd level Masters, specialisation courses and advanced vocational training courses.

It also deals with procedures relating to teaching, the Masters programmes, specialisation courses and advanced vocational training courses, and services for teachers with regard to all higher education (in this case, select the Teaching and Teacher Services menu item present below).

Contact person: Angelica Venturini, Teaching and Student Services Office, Vercelli campus, Via Galileo Ferraris 116

Access to the office is available by appointment only, to be agreed some days before by email and only where strictly necessary.

To make an appoinment, write to the email address below.

Useful contact details


-telephone number: 0161 228 223

  • For enrolled students: remember to always use your official university email address (; emails arriving from other email addresses will not be accepted
  • For graduates or people not enrolled: use your personal email address but remember to upload a scanned copy of a valid ID document.
  • Other Public Administrations or companies: use the institutional email address of your company/organisation/authority

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