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Teacher Training

The Department of Science and Technological Innovation (DISIT) and the Department for Sustainable Development and Ecological Transition (DiSSTE) of the University of Eastern Piedmont offer a series of webinars aimed at teachers.

The webinars (Calendar Webinars for teachers 2022/2023) are transdisciplinary, with contributions from the fields of maths, chemistry, physics, biology, economics, law, medicine, philosophy and geography. They are organised around four current topics of interest:

  • Teaching sustainability
  • A multidisciplinary perspective of conflicts
  • The effect of the pandemic on learning
  • Speaking in schools about pollution

The webinars are scheduled on Wednesday afternoons at 4.30pm in October-November 2022 and February-March 2023, as stated below.

Any teacher interested can personalise the training according to their own needs, and will receive an attendance certificate stating the actual number of hours attended.

For more information, write to:



Code Date Time title and link for enrolment lecturer
DOC1 19/10/2022 16.30 Teaching Sustainability: Teaching methods and examples in the field of chemistry Elisabetta Gabano
DOC2 26/10/2022 16.30 Climate change: emergency or urgency?

Carmen Aina 

Enrico Ferrero

DOC3 02/11/2022 16.30 The grass is (not) always greener on the other side. Leopardi, Thoreau and the social responsibility of companies  Lorenzo Gelmini
DOC4 09/11/2022 16.30 Sustainable food Maria Cavaletto
DOC5 16/11/2022 16.30 Covid-19 and mindfog Claudio Molinari
DOC6 23/11/2022 16.30 Technology and storytelling to offer teachers and students a “fortified” learning experience in mathetmatics

Giovannina Albano

Chiara Andrà

DOC7 30/11/2022 16.30 SLD: from school to university Michela Gobbi
DOC8 01/02/2023 16.30 The dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere Enrico Ferrero
DOC9 08/02/2023 16.30 Pollution and production/use of energy Luciano Ramello
DOC10 15/02/2023 16.30 Energy storage: key strategies for sustainable development Giorgio Gatti
DOC11 22/02/2023 16.30 Teaching of Environmental Education in Schools: ideas and inspirations on the topic of pollution and sustainability Chiara Bisio
DOC12 01/03/2023 16.30 oEmerging contaminants and their degradation products: the role of analytical chemistry, from identification to evaluation of their destiny Elisa Robotti
DOC13 08/03/2023 16.30 Disinformation and public life: hate speech, fake news and conspiracy theory Cristina Meini
DOC14 15/03/2023 16.30 Women in war some geographic reflections on fleeing and staying Stefania Cerutti
DOC15 22/03/2023 16.30 Beyond incommunicability and conflict: discussing maths in multi-language classrooms Pier Luigi Ferrari




Calendario Webinar per insegnanti 2022/2023
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