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The headquarters of the Department of Humanities is in Vercelli, specifically in the area between G. Ferraris street, viale Garibaldi, and piazza S. Eusebio.

Lessons and didactic, research, administrative and technical activities take place in classrooms, study rooms, laboratories, offices and libraries which are all close to each other and near the train and bus stations.

Vercelli is located on the Turin-Milan road and railway line. It can be reached via the A4 motorway (Turin-Milan), taking the A26 in the direction of Vercelli. There are rail and road connections with Novara - Milan - Venice, Turin, Casale - Alessandria, Asti, Mortara - Pavia, Santhià - Biella, Valsesia.



Disste manager: Prof. Roberta Lombardi

Rector’s Offices – Student accommodation and SLD services

Fill in the UpoRisponde form on the University website and, in the field "Choose a topic or recipient", select "Right to Higher Education" or "Services for students with physical disability or SLD".

Classrooms and study rooms

Classrooms, study rooms and offices are all near each other and close to the train station, bus station and carparks.

Teaching and Research Labs


Teaching and Research Labs: Palazzo Tartara

  • Laboratory of Computational Linguistics and Text Technology - LICOTT
  • Laboratory of Multimedia and Visual Anthropology
  • Laboratory of Digital Processing and Reproduction of texts - DIGILIBlt


Student Admin Office

via Galileo Ferraris 107-109
Accessible by appointment only; for requests, use the UPORisponde form.

Disste Teachers’ Offices: San Giuseppe

The Department Teachers’ Offices can be found on the third floor.

Reception: tel. 0161228300 fax 0161228240

Library of Vercelli Campus

Via Galileo Ferraris, 54


Aule Polo Vercelli
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Sale studio Polo Vercelli
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Laboratori Disste Vercelli
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Planimetria piano terra Ex Ospedaletto
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Planimetria primo piano Ex Ospedaletto
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Planimetria piano sottotetto Ex Ospedaletto
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Planimetria piano terra S.Giuseppe
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Planimetria primo piano S.Giuseppe
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Planimetria secondo piano S. Giuseppe
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Planimetria terzo piano S. Giuseppe
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Planimetria secondo piano S. Giuseppe (Palazzina G)
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