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Partnerships with schools

Projects for schools: Pathways for transversal skills and orientation

Activities offered for Secondary School Students

The activities organised by the University of Eastern Piedmont for secondary school students are divided into

  • activities reportable as PCTO, which involve a substantial number of hours to carry out the activity and whose hours will be reported to the student(s) as PCTO;
  • seminars, workshops and conferences, which involve only a few hours, and therefore are generally not reported as PCTO, but a certificate of individual or class participation may be requested;

The activities offered for the Academic Year 2022/2023 that fall into the above categories can be viewed on the following pages:

  • PCTO Catalogue of the University with only those activities offered by the University and individual Departments and which can be reported as PCTOs
  • orientation initiatives: online, in-presence lectures, laboratory experiences that will allow you to experience the university atmosphere and get to know our lecturers, generally held at the facilities of the participating Schools

What must the interested School do?

The school interested in an offered activity must take the following steps:

  • collect any applications and the names of interested students
  • specify whether they want to have the hours of the activity reported as PCTO hours or not or, in the case of seminars etc., whether they want a certificate of participation (individual or class)
  • communicate all the information collected to the administrative contact person via the email address, also providing the School's email address and PEC. The contact person will then proceed to draw up the documentation needed to organise the activity.

What can an interested student/student do?

The student/student interested in one of the activities offered must communicate this to the Professor/Professor at his/her school who acts as the Institute's PCTO contact person, so that he/she can give approval and then proceed to inform the University's administrative contact person of the names of those interested. For further information or suggestions, please also contact the following e-mail address: