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Information for Freshers

On this page, we summarise the main information, divided by topic, that could be useful to you in your first days at the Department for Sustainable Development and Ecological Transition of the University of Eastern Piedmont.


Initial Skills Assessment Test

All information is available in the annex at the bottom of the page.

English Test - EPT (English Placement Test)

More information.

Lessons timetable

The timetable for lessons can be viewed on Upoplanner


First year lessons are mainly held at the San Giuseppe premises. The library is in the same area, in via Ferraris.

Study materials

On Upobook, it is possible to find individual profiles of teachers of the different courses, and the course pages.

Within the page of each course, it is possible to view the syllabus, and recommended books and texts. The library catalogue allows you to check whether the books are available and to book them if they are out on loan. All recommended books for courses are available in multiple copies at the library.

As well as textbooks, teachers reommend that students refer to their own personal notes that they take during lessons. Also, on the online teaching platform D.I.R. - didattica in rete, teachers generally upload additional material during the course to prepare for the exam: exercises, self-check quizzes, slides, exam topics, etc

Each course is generally structured as follows: classroom lessons held by the course lecturer are accompanied by exercises and tutor sessions. The times of the lessons, seminars and tutoring are indicated on the timetable page.

To further support preparation for the exams, study groups supervised by a tutor are made available.

Login credentials for online services

 Updated instructions on how to receive login credentials for online services.

For access problems, write to


From Vercelli train station, all classrooms can be easily reached on foot in a short time.

Where to eat

Vercelli offers an alternative service to the university canteen. The proximity to the train station and city centre means there is a wide range of catering options. Also, near the classrooms, there are vending machines with warm and cold drinks, and snacks.

Where to sleep

There are two university halls of residence:  Dal Pozzo and Quintino Sella.


The CUS of Eastern Piedmont offers many options: check the website!

Near to DISSTE, there are affiliated gyms with discounted prices for students.

For those who love outdoor sports, we invite you to discover the cycle paths around Vercelli.


Students are provided with a counselling service.

Work opportunities for students

To meet university expenses, EDISU provides scholarships.

Furthermore, starting from the second year of the course, students can participate in selection procedures to become tutors and support freshers’ learning.

International mobility (and more)

There are many opportunities for a study experience abroad.

Also, DISSTE periodically organises meetings with companies in the region, as well as company internships and job placements.

Useful contact details

  • Freshers’ Information Point: managed by students of the Department, this can be found in front of the Student Secretariat and is open during office hours.
  • Student Secretariat
  • Library
  • Student Representatives: every degree programme has its own student representatives
  • Services for students with learning difficulties: contact


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