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Help Desk Service

This service is exclusively for Technical/Administrative and Teaching Staff.​With this system, you can make new assistance requests (tickets) and/or respond to requests arriving to you or your office..

Cercapersone UPObook  
 U-sign digital signature The service is integrated with the University login process (username and password for university email address uniupo).
Access to VPN (Virtual Private Network) This service allows you to activate a private and safe connection in order, for example, to use the online library resources. In the attachments you can find a tutorial that explains in detail the steps outlined here: access via browser at:,  use the username:  (i.e. your email address). This applies also to those who do not have a university email account but just a user ID: download and install the client proposed for your operating system (if in doubt, check the attached manual). To access the VPN on subsequent occasions, it is suffficient to launch the client app that you have just installed, without the first installation step.

Last modified 6 February 2024