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Master’s - Teaching and teacher services

Useful Information

  • Master’s degree > requires a Bachelor’s degree for admission
  • Specialist Master’s > requires a Master’s or Single-Cycle Master’s degree for admission
  • Year-long Master’s > 1,500 teaching hours (classroom teaching + individual study) and acquisition of at least 60 academic credits
  • Two-year Master’s > 3,000 teaching hours (classroom teaching + individual study) and acquisition of at least 120 academic credits

Manager of the Master’s degree

Identification of training needs

The Master's programme aims to provide specialised training on subjects and skills for which there is an important need: thus, it is essential to deal with external bodies and individuals and the world of work, in order to define which needs and skills are required It is advisable to draft a brief summary document containing the information acquired following discussions with external subjects and which can highlight the need to set up a course that satisfies requirements.

Planning the course

When planning the course, the proposing teacher draws up the following documents (the basic models available and prepared by the Central Administration are available at:

-Teaching Regulations

-Financial estimate

- Any agreements with other organisations for implementation of the course

In order to prepare the documentation, the teacher contacts the Teaching and Student Services Office of the Vercelli campus, or the contact person at the Master’s Helpdesk (currently Angelica Venturini), attaching a report (if it has been prepared) of the training needs to be satisfied by the course.

In order to highlight some important issues that could arise in this phase, the Master’s Planning Handbook is available.

Following discussions with the Development and Quality Assurance Staff of Higher Education and International Mobility teaching projects, the documentation must be submitted for approval by the Department Board and, subsequently, by the Board of Governors and Academic Senate, before issue of the Rector's Decree for establishment and activation of the degree.


It is important to plan and implement a marketing and promotion strategy as soon as possible aimed at identifying users interested in the course: contacts and sponsorship of companies in the sector, advertising, etc.

Budget of the Master’s

Following publication of the rectoral decree for establishment and activation of the Master’s, it is essential to make an appointment with the Resources Management Office of Vercelli in order to activate the budget office of the course which will receive the payments made by those enrolled in the Master’s.

Planning of the educational programme

In order to be able to organise the educational programme of the course on time, it is important that the Manager of the Master’s send the contact person of the Master’s Helpdesk the names of those who will provide educational activities, indicating the number of hours assigned, date or dates of the activity, and the hourly fee (inclusive of charges due by the university).

The indication of teaching provision, at least for the first month of teaching on the Master's, must be sent to the contact person at the Master's Helpdesk 2 weeks before the date of the last Department Council meeting prior to the start of teaching on the Master's.

It is also advisable to communicate the provision of teaching activities of the Master’s at least 3 months before the beginning of teaching.

For assignments lasting more than 15 hours, the request for the Call for Teachers must be made at least 4 months before the scheduled date for start of the teaching activity.

Final report

At the end of the Master’s, the programme Manager must draw up a report on the activity carried out and results achieved, sending it to the Master’s Helpdesk.


Permanent teachers

Permanent teachers need only fill in the classroom register attached here, sign it with the Pades Grafica e-signature and send it to the Master’s Helpdesk at the end of the contract.

It should be noted that, in the event that the teacher who has been entrusted with the task does not reach the minimum number of hours of teaching commitment envisaged for the academic year 2022/2023, as indicated in 'Art. 2 of the Regulations for the conferment of teaching assignments, teaching contracts, supplementary teaching and teaching support issued with R.D. no. 2110/2022 Prot. no. 0165360 of 21.12.2022, it will not be possible to proceed with payment, and therefore the number of hours carried out within the Master's course will be counted as part of the number of teaching hours included in the permanent contract.


Contractual teachers

Following the conclusion of the contract, you can request the activation of your institutional email account by writing to, copying the Sportello Master contact person (currently

The institutional account allows access to the following services:

  1. U-Gov: Didactic Syllabus Programming, which allows you to enter the syllabus and further information relating to your teaching. Instructions for accessing and uploading the Syllabus are available at the following link:
  2. Logs: allows you to fill in your teaching hours online. This document must be completed. downloaded in pdf, signed and sent to the Sportello Master contact person (
  3. Online recording: allows the minutes of examinations taken by students to be filled in and signed. 
  4. Higher Education D.I.R. (Didactics on the Net): this is the multimedia portal that allows students to upload their teaching materials and send them notices via the "Notices" section. Here is the link:

Please note that for online registration, digital signatures must be requested by filling in the Google form that will be provided upon request to the Sportello Master contact person (

Below is the page containing access to the above-mentioned services:

Seminar participants

It is important, in order to be assigned the seminar, to provide updated Curriculum Vitae without personal information (including photos, email addresses and nationality) in Word or Pdf/A format.

Following the decision of the Department Council, an acceptance invitation letter and the necessary attachments will be sent by e-mail; the "Declaration of collaborators" form must be submitted in Word or Pdf/A format and not in any other format (including simple Pdf format).

It is also important to complete the Classroom Register in the Attachments section, sign it and send it to the Sportello Master contact person ( as without it it will not be possible to proceed with the payment of the activity.

Once the register has been sent, the contact person will proceed to:

  1. if you do not have a VAT number, send the current year's franchise form: this must be completed and signed. The contact person, having seen the information on the exemption form, will send a debit note, which must be signed and to which a 2 euro revenue stamp must be affixed. The note must be sent in scanned format to the contact person and by ordinary mail to "Università del Piemonte Orientale - DISSTE - Via Galileo Ferraris 116 - 13100 Vercelli - Ufficio Didattica Masters".
  • if you have a VAT number, the contact person will confirm that he/she can proceed with the issue of the invoice. The invoice must also be sent by email in pdf format to the contact person (

Please note that those working as lawyers will have to provide their own Dichiarazione Unica di Regolarità Contributiva.



REGISTRO ORE per Masters
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